Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Concerts. They are quickly gaining speed on my list of things I love to do. Watching real, raw performances gives me goosebumps... for days!

I am proud to say I am a loyal follower of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and have been with them since the beginning. I remember first discovering their songs from a friend and then watching as they rose in popularity and are now off the charts and crazy loved by everyone.

Last year we would jam to their, 'Thrift Shop' and 'Can't Hold Us' on our bus rides getting pumped up before games before they even hit the radio, and our statistician made our end of the year video last year to the song 'We Danced'.

Needless to say, Macklemore has a special place in my heart.

Last year they came to Hamburg but it was after season and I just barely missed them. I learned last night that crowd was 1,200 people.

About a month ago I saw they were coming to Hamburg this fall and I started looking in to tickets, they started priced at 150 euros. Love them, but not quite that much. But I was so so close to shelling out the dough.

Then I woke up the morning of the concert with a message from one of my American friends playing in Stuttgart, Germany saying she could get me free tickets. And not from just anyone, from Ray Dalton (the guy who sings in Can't Hold Us)

Unreal. I jumped at the chance and next thing I knew I was on a train in to the city to see a great concert with 13,000 other fans. In one year their crowd had multiplied in size by a ridiculous amount.
Train ride to the concert

And a great concert it was indeed. Entertaining, funny, real and so much fun.
A few of 13,000
DJ's, cellists, violinists, trumpet players, rappers, singers. They had it all. I was in love and my throat is here to prove it today being sore from being a screaming fan the whole time :)

Then after the show, Ray Dalton said that we could meet him. Well the security workers didn't quite believe that story, I'm sure they've heard that line a million and one times, "The performers are going to meet us! Please don't kick us out!" Ya right, didn't work haha.
He's great. Oh, and kind've talented :)
But we managed to sneak our way back in while they were cleaning up and Ray came out and we were able to sit and shoot the breeze with him for a solid 45 minutes. Such a nice, genuine funny guy. We swapped stories about living and traveling as nomads and our mutual love for volleyball. It was pretty special.

Great night. Great jams. Great people. The best memories.

Post concert bliss!

Oh the happiness!! It's real :) 

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