Monday, October 21, 2013

*Photos credit of LIVE SPORT PHOTO*

We had a great crowd and atmosphere Saturday in our first home game and it felt so great to be back playing in our gym. We weren't able to pull out the win but there were improvements from last week's game and I am very positive for this team and the potential we hold.

Our next game is Saturday so we have a good solid week to work hard and prepare..success is on the horizon, I can feel it!! 

I came across this today and couldn't agree more with the message. So often we see the end result of how we want to be successful and don't see all of the work that goes in to it. And yes it is often very messy. If it was easy, well, everyone would be winning and then sport would not be what it is for us, thrilling, heart breaking and exciting. 

So back to the video room and gym we go; to find our flaws, grind through the hard times and we won't stop until we are successful.

Keep those fingers crossed (daumen drucken :)) for us as we keep working!! 

Sunday we had a fun opportunity to go the Hamburg Freezers Ice Hockey game as a team. They will in return be at our next home game!

They won 3-2, and we are hoping they return the favor of bringing good fortune *hint hint* :)
At the O2 Arena in Hamburg

Me and Stanley hanging out at the game :) 

In other parts of Euro living, I am working on improving my Deutsch every day. I find it really funny when I get to have conversations with my landlord. They are a really nice older couple that live below me and she is often asking me questions or how things function around the apartment.

It never ceases to be entertaining as our levels of each other's languages are about the same. And we both are trying to be accommodating for the other. I like to use the opportunities to use the German I have learned and I think she is doing the same with her English. 

I always walk away from the conversations laughing to myself at how ridiculous we must look using hand gestures and all kinds of different words to explain what we each want.

I am improving, and I think she is too! So everyone is winning and we almost always get the point it just might take a little more time than usual haha

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