Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iiiiiiiit's HUMP DAY WEDNESDAY! So why not a random blog post to help ya through!

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Nothing says, "It might be Hump Day Wednesday, but today is still a great day!", like new floor mats from my landlord. 'Oh happy day' and America.. I mean, she knows me so well eh? :) 

I also have a feeling this means wet and snow are around the corner...which brings grey and ughhh.. but for now the fall, 'herbst', in Hamburg is still beautiful as EVER!
My favorite tree outside of my kitchen window is beginning to lose it's beautiful leaves but tonight's sunset is great!

There was a late entry to my birthday blog post and I loved it so much it had to be shared...more words to live by! 

-Focus on positivity, daily
-Do excellent work, always, no matter the task
***We are meant to be ‘whole’ persons..think creatively, about life balance***
-Develop a leadership & communications style that conveys competence, character, courage and caring about others
-Embrace other women & girls:  be a role model and advocate for them

Try this simple exercise each day and you will be amazed about how your day goes; make this a routine for 30 days & I guarantee it will become habitual
1.      Before getting out of bed think of what you are grateful at that moment
2.      Then think about the last 24 hours and what you were most grateful for
3.      Lastly think about the day ahead and what you are anticipating to be grateful for, ideally it should link to a person

And if you're feeling bored on this Wednesday and need a fun game to pick you up, here's one for ya. The name of the game is: "If a face could tell a story, what would it say...."

Here's your picture:
If you're really bored, play with all 3 faces haha
Have fun!


And one last reading tid bit to leave you with, because hey, all you need is love in life and well this just sums it all up if you ask me!

"Because when you truly love, you give yourself completely.  You are filled with purpose. You open up and allow yourself to receive as much as you give. Theres a balance, an equilibrium, a sense of happiness. You are selfless but full of self. You are aware, and alive. You are full, satisfied but hungry. 
And this goes for all different kinds of love, on every level. So fill yourself with love, acknowledge it, feel it and share it. Love is coming at ya every day from all different angles, you just have to have the strength to see it and admit it. 
It comes from the hug of your mother, the hello of a co worker, the cool breeze in the air, the flowers you saw on the walk to work in your neighborhood, the smile from a stranger in the subway. Love is such a beautiful thing. And when you are fully immersed it is when you can feel truly alive. Love is the motivation behind everything and anything.... TO LOVE IS TO BE ALIVE."


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