Thursday, October 10, 2013

My (second) favorite time of year

Riding my bike to and from practice every day just got that much more enjoyable.

I feel like the coming of fall happens so fast. Boom! One day you wake up and all of the leaves are in full change of beautiful oranges, reds and yellows without much of a warning.

That happened to me today. As I was riding my bike in the crisp fall air; the sun still shining and not cold enough to have to wear more than just 3 light jackets haha, I noticed the leaves beginning to fall all around and beautiful trees bursting with color.

Nothing can of course match the game that summer brings to the table of life, but fall is sure holding a very secure second in my book.

Here's to many many more days of gorgeous trees, just a slight nip of cold in the air and the sun still in the sky... (yes Germany winter I am talking to you, listen up)

With love,
Summer lover (but hey, sun and color is good too :))

#Hamburgdays #oKtober

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