Friday, October 18, 2013


Our first home game is tomorrow, Saturday!!
We play Wiesbaden at 6 pm AND you can watch it online here:

Los geht's m├Ądels!! :)

Wednesday was our season opener in Vilsbiburg. To get to Vilsbiburg you have to drive a solid 10 hours. Good news we got the longest bus trip out of the way for the season, bad news we didn't come away with a win so that 10 hours seemed even longer on the way back when you get to think about the match. Over and over again.

But, we did learn a great deal from this match, most importantly that we do have SO much potential, so much that I am excited about with this team. When we fix a few things we are going to be rolling! And tomorrow is a great chance to show these lessons we learned!
Pre game practice at Vilsbiburg

Gorgeous sunrise on Game Day!!
Yesterday I went in to the city to pick up my working VISA along with Alyssa, we are now officialy legal for the year! We celebrated by going to a great place to eat, Dean & Daves. They have really great salads and wraps, super frisch (pronounced fish with an R, in German :)) We both had the special salad with pumpkin, gouda cheese, cranberry sauce and goodness. It was like Thanksgiving on a salad. Sehr sehr lecker!! 

Fall weather sure does get more and more beautiful by the day. The colors on the trees are boldly popping in all shades or oranges, yellows and reds and I am LOVING it :) 

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