Friday, September 27, 2013

We're VIP members!! McDonalds :)

Yes it's true, this week we received our official VIP cards from our beloved Ronald McDonald. We get 10 percent off because they sponsor our team!

McDonalds are different in Europe than they are in America. When I think of ones in America I think of not such great things..but the ones here are much nicer. I'm still not sure why that is but probably because Europe is more in to the relaxing side of things so they include a McCafe with good coffees and baked goods and usually have nice lounge areas. Not a bad deal. 

The same evening we got to trade in our gym shoes and knee pads for high heels and make up..what? What's that? Yes we actually got to look like girls! So fun, I love these nights and great perks of the job. It was the Fall Bild Sport Stammtisch which is where the various sports teams from Hamburg and the press are invited to an evening just to hang out and enjoy each other's company. 

Get dressed up, eat and drink for free and hang out with other athletes? Eh, twist my arm :)

This weekend we are going in to our LAST pre season tournament in Potsdam, Germany. That means season is right around the corner! Unbelievable! And SO exciting :)

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