Saturday, November 29, 2014

Those Awkward Teenage Years #PSLphaseoff

Phase 3 in life is "Those Awkward Teenage Years". But I must say, after comparing pictures from the ages of 5-11 and now from the ones that have been submitted for the teenage years, most of our contestants had their 'awkward stages' early on and are now progressing to beautiful young women. 

Notice, I said most. And I am mostly referring to myself; Phase 2 was all about big, I went backwards from 'big' in Phase'll see. haha

You be the judge :)

These are the results from Phase 2:
Now the top 8 have advanced to Phase 3! And the ones collecting the most votes will go to the grand finale: Most Embarrassing Volleyball Moment Caught on Film. 

So go to this link ---->
This round is also 24 hours! You have until tomorrow at 11am!

Vote, vote, vote!

How do you thank your awesome teammates for being so awesome?? You make mexican dinner for them of course!

Lindsay and I wanted to thank our team for being the great humans that they are. We have genuinely loved this group of girls from day 1. They took us in with big smiles and hugs and we have have been non stop laughing ever since. And what better way to do it than by making them our all time favorite dish: FAJITAS!
How many Filipinos does it take to eat 1 Fajita?
All smiles, all the time

This night wasn't any different. It was great to be able to COOK again! After living in a hotel for 3 months you forget how great it is to cut up meat and vegetables and actually cook them with your own hands with the spices you want on a stove. So refreshing!

We brought the food and the girls brought the entertainment, per usual. 

We learned how to face dance. Something I have never heard of, and then proceeded to have a face dance off. Because that's what we do here in the Philippines; we make everything a competition by putting 'off' on the end. Face off, phase off, dance Naturally.
Faces of  the face dance captured haha
Check it out here --->
The meaning of PSL (Philippine SuperLiga) is forever changed. This is the poster child for PSL=pocket sized libero. IN my pocket.
My first blog post here becoming real. 

And finished with the best cake, Mango Bravo. My mouth is still salivating thinking about it the next morning. 
Princess Mango just couldn't wait!
I love these girls and I can't believe today is our last day on the court all together. Talk about the fastest season ever. It truly is #morefuninthephilippines
Ever wonder what Jhecky would look like with blonde hair?
Or Lindsay with black? 

I'm going to miss these hugs.


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  1. Hope you(all imports) will come back next year to play again in PSL.