Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Which elementary school photo is your favorite? #PSLphaseoff

24,324 votes in Phase 1! I can only say, you people rock my socks. That is awesome.

Round 1 results look like this:
Round 2: is Elementary School Days and aren't you all in for a treat! The theme for this round seems to be BIG; big hair, big glasses, big bows, big eyebrows; BIG.

Apparently big hair was all the rage at this point in life, a lot of the hair doesn't fit in most of the frames! haha 

My new favorite game is matching current photos with the throw back ones, I have been laughing for days on these ones and I am sure you will too!

The top 11 advanced to this round!

The next phase in life is Awkward Teenage Years, and trust me you want to see these. Vote vote vote!! Keep spreading the word, let's break 25,000 votes! 

Vote here---->

This round is only 24 hours and will end tomorrow, Friday, at 11am! 

And because it is Thanksgiving and I am feeling generous I am letting one of my favorite Filipinos back in: 
I've been calling this girl my "Pocket Sized Libero" since day 1, and now we FINALLY have photo proof:
Where's Jheck? IN my pocket!

And finally, HAPPY THANKSGIVING from the Philippines! This year my turkey came in the form of isaw, chicken intestines and my pumpkin pie was puto bumbomg, rice cake. And the thing I am most thankful for is finding this beautiful country and the people in it.

Last night we had an out of town game in Binan Laguna, our last regular season game. It was our first time playing outside of Manila and it was a great venue with great fans! I don't know how many handkerchiefs, cell phones and bags I signed yesterday and selfies I took with screaming fans. It was very cute.
"Ate Sarah Ate Sarah" my new favorite way to be addressed :) 
After the game, the mayor treated us to dinner. When I walked in to the room it hit me that the next day was Thanksgiving and this was my Thanksgiving dinner. The tables were set up and decorated in white cloth and their was a full buffet set up. It had a very Thanksgivng esque feel to it. 

During Thanksgiving you get to sit around a big table with your friends and family, eat drink and be merry; which makes it my favorite holiday. Last night was just that, Filipino style. 

I tried new food and laughed with my teammates till I cried. Over and over again. 

It may not have been a typical Thanksgiving meal that I am used to but these girls sure make my heart a happy one. I am so thankful for them and this country that my depression of not having a typical Thanksgiving dinner is no longer.  
Holy Thankfulness. I love my Awesome Teammates. <3