Thursday, November 20, 2014

Philippine SuperLiga PHASE OFF

Oh the phases of life we go through.. 
The past month there has been a little competition going on in our league called the "Philippine SuperLiga Face Off". It's exactly as the name indicates, you vote on which face you like the best. Classic.

The competition was set up in bracket form, matching 32 players in the SuperLiga against each other. Each round the voting was open and whoever received the most votes advanced to the next round. We went from the Round of 32, to the Sweet Sixteen, to the Elegant 8, Foxy 4 and now we are down to the finals!
And I am a very proud teammate, as both of the finalists are from #TEAMCIGNAL! How awesome is that? 
What are teammates for? #teamPocketSize vs. #teamStunner

Who will be Miss. Philippine SuperLiga 2014? You can vote here: Face Off

Well we've been so greatly entertained by this competition that we're just not ready for it to be over. A group of us were talking and we came up with a similar competition. But this time, instead of voting on our present time beautiful faces, we wanted to add some fun to it. 

We're bringing #tbt, Throw Back Thursday, to life. And calling it: Phase Off. 
Each round will be a different 'phase' in life. 

Round 1: Baby photo
Round 2: Elementary School Days
Round 3: Those Awkward Teenage Years
Finals: Most Embarrassing Volleyball Moment Caught on Film

It will go like this:

On Sunday, November 23rd, if you are a player in the PSL and would like to participate in the competition, you can either tweet your best/cutest/most embarrassing BABY PHOTO, newborn to 3 years old, (whatever you think will get the most votes) with the hashtag: #PSLphaseoff or if you do not have twitter you can email your photo:

From the photos submitted, we will then create a bracket and send out a link where you can vote. As each participant advances to the next round we will collect their next phase in life photo. 

We've had so much fun this year in the Philippine SuperLiga, it has truly been a treat. Going in to the last week I can't think of a better way to cap it off! I hope you all will have fun with this and join in! Let's see just how great the Social Media Capital of the World is :) 

Stay tuned for the voting links on Monday and help spread the word! 


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