Monday, December 1, 2014

Which most embarrassing moment caught on film is the funniest? #PSLphaseoff

Over the past week we have watched our PSL players grow up before our eyes as we have gone through each 'phase' of their life.

We are now down to the FINAL FOUR. The final stage in life. Baby, elementary school, awkward teenage years... now we are at present time. 

All the pictures have been tipping the scales of very adorable so far of each athlete, so let's mix it up a bit and throw in some fun. For the final phase, choose which most embarrassing photo is funniest to you! '

The pictures were submitted by the final four individuals themselves!

Here is the ranking for Awkward Teenage Years:
And your Final Four contestants! 
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The winner of #PSLphaseoff will be announced tomorrow at 4 PM. VOTE VOTE VOTE!

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