Saturday, November 15, 2014

Learning Tagalog...and what the Philippine SuperLiga is all about

Kaya natin to!
Bawi tayo!

These are phrases that I learned last week from my teammates and was able to put them to use very quickly with the turn of events this week.

2 weeks. 14 days. 336 hours.
Dalawa weeks. Labing-apat days. 336 hours.

I've also been learning my tagalog numbers.

That is not a lot of time. And that ladies and gentleman, is how much time we have left in the league. Not just until playoffs...until the finals. The end. The time to pack up suitcases and go back to America. Well, not quite, there will be many adventures to come on this side of the world after that. But we'll get to that later.

With the season being so short it brings an entire different dynamic to the game and to each team. Making predictions on who will be successful is pretty much useless because in such a short time of meeting your team and getting the season going you never know who will gel and take off or at what point in the season that will happen. The standings tell it all right now.

It's a dog fight for the playoffs; top 4 (apat). Anyone's game really.

But that's what makes this league fun and interesting. Every time we step on the court we have to bring our best game or someone will beat us; it's very evenly matched from top to bottom. No days off.

We just finished a heck of a stretch; 3 (tatlo) games in 4 (apat) days. And much to our own surprise, and maybe some others too, we went winless.

We played the top team, Petron, took them to 5 (lima) and narrowly lost 14-16 (labing-apat:labing-anim) and also lost to Mane N Tail and Generika in hard fought matches.  That's a lot of volleyball in a short amount of time, but we aren't in Europe anymore where seasons are 9 (siyam) months long and spread out. Ito ay ang Pilipinas.

Bang, bang, bang; you have to show up or someone else will. Lesson learned.

Now with 3 (tatlo) matches remaining in the home stretch until the playoffs, we are prepared to BAWI! Bounce back! Kaya natin to! We can do it!

As I continue to learn my numbers and count down the days to our goal of reaching the finals I'll also keep learning more tagalog words. I do love my Philippine life. What's the fastest way to a foreigner's heart? Learn their language and their culture. A lot to accomplish in the next couple of weeks!

Tara na!!

#teamawesome #teamcignal

We do have another color jersey besides red and it's a beautiful royal blue! How about that?


  1. please come back next year. our locals need you guys to improve their level of play and hopefully be at par at least with thailand. that's the goal for now.

  2. Love your blog Sarah. Hope your enjoying your stay here in Philippines.

  3. very nice reading :)

    maybe you could write about what it's like to be a pro volleyball nomad. a lot of us would like to know what it's like to play pro vball around the world. i reckon it's a close knit community w/ lots of stories to share

    ingat! :)

  4. Hi Ms. Sarah. Please stay. Mahal naming kayo :)

  5. i've been following your blog and every post is worth reading especially posts about your experiences here in our country.the league isn't finish yet & it's kind of early to say this but we are hoping to see you again in the next conference. we love you. ^__^ from Davao City, PH