Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Caution when riding Hamburg Ferris Wheels

It looked just like any other ferris wheel.. and somehow turned in to the spinning tea cups at Disney World...

"Should we go?"
"Eh, I don't know is it worth 4 euros?"
"Well, it's just a ferris wheel, but could be a cool view"
"Ok why not, when else can you see Hamburg from the top of a ferris wheel?"
"Ok let's do it. You only live once."

Famous last words. Round 1 and 2 were leisurely and nice; normal. Round 3 we got in position to take pictures at the top with the great view of the city..and then things took a turn.

Apparently the men working the ferris wheel; letting people on and off of each cart, were quite bored. Four days in a row of this, probably gets pretty monotonous.

They saw us get on, 2 American tourists just enjoying their day, and boom targets spotted and they were ready to have some fun, at our expense.

This is what round 3 looked like...

Alyssa was so caught off guard she couldn't even video it right side up haha
And then when we thought they were done and were going to stop us, a second guy got up and flung us even harder for round 4...

It was a good Summerfest day and needless to say, the ferris wheel is forever changed for me haha

Looking awkward while posing with my Spanish lunch :)

It's called Summer fest..but we were cold in the rain. That's Hamburg for ya :)

Pre Ferris Wheel Spin.. feeling happy!

Post Ferris Wheel spin.. Feeling dizzy... haha

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