Friday, September 6, 2013

Baltic Sea Adventures

Lesson of the day: There are TWO types of jelly fish! Who knew? Not me.
I've been stung by a jelly fish before, in Puerto Rico, swimming at night; it's not pleasant.
But good news there is another type that is white, the ones that sting are red.
If they're white you can pick them up and play with them! Slimy, yes. And, fun?
Some of our girls even liked playing catch, like with a dog, if you throw a stick at them.. we're just not sure if they live after they catch it... mysteries unsolved...

To sum it up, you can play with WHITE jelly fish and don't have to be pee'd on by your friend afterwards! Jelly fish are your friends! (at least at the Baltic Sea) :)

My jelly fish friends 

Beach bums at the Baltic Sea

Ducks and volleyball checking out the scenery

First time at the Baltic Sea!

Chowing down some seriously good food at Mama and Papa Malte's :) Vielen Dank!!

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  1. We are hoping to catch a few musicals like Billy Elliot, people watch, head to Portobello Market and see what it’s like in the summer heat. Baltic Adventures