Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Copper girls take on Hamburg.. via Fahrrad

We have officially made it through the halfway point in preseason!
I can't believe it, and neither can my teammates. This month has flown. 

What's a better way to celebrate knocking out a whole slew of double days but with a day sightseeing bike!

The past few weeks in practice we have been learning about each other being that we have a lot of new teammates, and it has come to be known that we are a sing-song team. Especially in the locker room; some more than others, but we love to sing. 

One of my teammates found this gem of a Youtube video this week and I absolutely died watching it. Instant favorite. 

Since we were going on a bike tour it wouldn't be the same without music, so I made sure to bring my trusty fanny pack. But it isn't just any ordinary fanny pack, it is a bright pink 'Jammy Pack'.. plug in my iPod and it plays music through the speakers. A great asset to our ride today, it won the ride I would say haha 
mein Fahrrad und meine Jammy Pack :)

It had been a very sunny week but low and behold the clouds decided to come our way on bike day. We only needed the first half of the day and on take off we were covered in clouds, but not we tackled our journey!
It took all about 5 minutes until we had a bike malfunction and had to stop for a fix-it. Thankfully, we were staffed with men to take care of our job, not without a quick jaunt to the store, but after a 20 minute pause (after being on the road for 2 minutes) we continued! 
Mr. Fix It's

We went to a part of the city I have never been to before, through apple orchards and ended up in a district of Hamburg called Cranz which was right by the riverside.
Cranz riverside

After a good ol european coffee break we hopped back on our bikes and made the trek back!

We made it alllllmost all the way, literally 500 meters from the gym when the clouds opened up and poured rain giving us a classic refreshing Hamburg rain to cool us off after our hard work. Pretty good timing on our part I would say.

It was a good team bonding activity and a nice break from the gym.. although I am very sure our butts are going to be reminding us just how nice that ride really was for the next couple of days :)

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