Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What 5 games in 4 cities in 11 days looks like..

The next 2 weeks are going to be what I am going to call...quite aggressive. But there is a silver lining in my book because it is less than what I originally thought.

Within the next 11 days we will be playing 5 different matches in 3 different leagues; German league, quarterfinals of German Cup, and first round of CEV European Cup.

2 of which are road games; in Aachen, and Dresden, Germany.
The other 3 will be home games.

Initially I thought we would be playing our first round of CEV outside the country in Slovakia which would put us at 5 games, 5 different cities, and 2 countries all within 11 days. 

Now 5 games and 3 different cities with one country is not looking so bad. :)

Nevertheless, it is a lot of matches and this is what it looks like:

A lot of laundry..and no, Europe does not have the convenience of dryers....this will become interesting

All volleyball players know the importance of nail polish...5 games in 11 days? I'm going to need some new paint (and remover)

A lot of snack packs. My best friend's name is Tupperware :).. and peanut butter to go of course!
Germany = Long bus rides. We'll be averaging 4-8 hours each way. Books boooks and more books will be consumed within the next days.
What I'm reading:
DIVERGENT SERIES by Veronica Roth 3rd book just released: Allegiant
NICHOLAS SPARKS newest book just released:The Longest Ride
And my oh so number 1 favorite thing in life.. packing, and unpacking, and repacking. 
 Window gazing out our bus windows translates to: a lot of iPod time.
Here's what I'm listening to right now:
DRAKE hold on we're going home
JAMES YOUNG dark star
KLANGKARUSSEL WILL HEARD sonnentanz sun don't shine
AVICII addicted to you/hey brother
LORDE all of it.

So let the full swing of season take force and let all of our memory cells be with us each time we pack up and take our lives throughout the country of Germany.... but MOST importantly... let us come home with big fat WINS in our pockets and more moments captured like this one: :) ZEIT ZU GEWINNEN!!

Our first match of the 5 game stretch is tomorrow, Wenesday! AND another LIVE FEED! 7:30 German time you can watch here:


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