Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Putting the Passport back to use to familiar lands!

I'm not in Germany anymore but I am back on familiar ground.. former Yugoslavia. My first sign I was back? Lunch..Juha Juha Juha Juha aka soup! Soup for every meal, oh how I love it and it brings back so many memories! :)
Goveja Juha (beef soup)
I am not in my beloved sLovenia but a nearby neighbor, Bratislava, Slovakia. A city I played in many times during my stint in Slove land. We are playing in an arena I have not played in and is also a very chilly one. The snow flakes are flying, winter is officially here and there isn't a whole lot of heat being produced in the gym. The sun is shining though and we are ready to rock and roll in to the next round!
Morning drive to practice
We play the second half of the first round of CEV challenge Cup tonight at 5pm Slovakia time and there is a live feed!! Last week they came to us and we won in 5! 

Last week the 1st half of round 1 in Hamburg..W 3:2

The Arena in Bratislava that is as cold inside as it is outside..Bundle up! 
Outside of the Arena


The month of November is coming to a close I honestly have no idea where it went. But that means 2 things. Those participating in "Movember" should be having some pretty beautiful faces and a lot of added perks according to this!
My brother is participating in the mustache fad and he can attest to every one so they must be true...you lucky mustachers you! 

Also my favorite holiday is around the corner..THANKSGIVING!!! I have a fellow American with me this year and next Sunday will be our big turkey day! We are excited to bring our Americanness to our fellow Hamburgers :)

I have 20 different stamps in my passport, you would think I would have airport security down by now! But we are in Germany and they do have their rules, learned a new one this trip...yogurt doesn't pass! Who knew? Well wasn't about to waste it so there I am 7 am hanging out with the security guard as he watches in awe as I consume my breakfast..no wasting here, glad I packed my spoon! Highlight of my day haha

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