Wednesday, November 6, 2013

spiel tag..GAME DAY..spiel tag!!

Today is our first round of German Cup! 
We play Kopenick @ HOME in Hamburg ab 20:00 uhr German time and you can watch it online here:

Playing for the Cup is a big deal in each country. Yes it is against the same teams that you play in league, but it is a great honor to be in the finals. The Cup Finals in Germany are held in Gerry Webber Stadium in Halle, Germany; in front of over 10,000 people along with the Men's finals. I can't put in to words how amazing this showcase is, I just need one picture to describe:
Yea, I'm speechless too. Today the road begins; round 1!


There are a lot of other Americans playing overseas, 251, to be exact. It is a great support system because you can always find someone to relate to and laugh about the situations you find yourself in and talk about the trials and tribulations you come across day in and day out that describing to someone who hasn't been through this experience is hard to do.

Rachel Adams, went to University of Texas and now is in her 2nd year in Poland, has a great blog and her latest post nails what life is like for us foreigners playing and living in a foreign country on a daily basis. I laughed through the entire thing and literally agree with every, single one. 

For those who are living or lived our experience you will definitely relate and for those who wonder just what exactly it is truly like to live outside of your home country for most of the year you will love this too..

If you're wondering what Germany is like during the month of November, it looks a lot like this:

How does that saying go again...20 cups of tea a day keeps the doctor away? Something like this. 
Thanks to my teammates I did just discover a new bacterial fighting tea with homemade ginger tea with honey and lemon. It's fantastic and I am not exaggerating with 20 cups a day..I'm close. 

I had a conversation with a women the other day going to fitness, and it was a good and bad thing. 
First of all it was entirely in German and I understood everything and was able to walk away from the conversation very confident in my growing Deutsch skills...SCORE! But it was also about how the month of November in Hamburg is a dark rainy one...yipppeeee. 

More tea, please :) 

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