Saturday, November 9, 2013

2 LIVE FEED Spiele in 1 Woche!

Yup if you can speak the Deutsch that says both of our games are being played on the LIVE feed this week!

The result of our first game, on Wednesday was success!
A win against Kopenick at home; to advance to the quarterfinals of the German Cup!

Here are the highlights:

My dancing partner ;)

Now we return to regular season play and take on our German opponent, Schwerin, again at home!
Match time is 6:00 pm German time and you can watch here:


I'm on a bit of an Ellen kick right now, I just love her. And what's not to love. She's hilarious.
And since I am not in America and can't watch her show daily, I just watch her YouTube clips online, starting with one and before I know it I've pretty much watched every show, gotta love the internet. 

These are the top 3 videos that I have loved recently... enjoy :)

Being that I skype and face time are such a big part of my overseas life when staying connected with friends and family all over the world I was laughing on the floor on this one..because it's all SO TRUE. I agree Ellen, those videos do nothing for you. haha

In the spirit of Halloween this one is just too good. Haunted house awesomness. Every time I watch it I end up in tears crying. And knowing I would be doing exactly the same thing if I was, and hopefully never have to, go in a Zombie haunted house.

And on a more serious note... Ashton has some pretty good knowledge in this clip to dish. "Work hard, be generous and smart." Hitting the nail on the head. 

 Daumen drücken!!

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