Thursday, August 22, 2013


If there is one thing I have learned about this league the past couple of years; it's that Germany takes Picture Day seriously. How seriously you ask? Well the photographer began set up in our gym Monday night, showed up in the gym at 8:30 Tuesday morning and left the gym at 12:25. AM. Talk about a full day.

Our team began showing up around 9 am for professional make up and hair. Apparently they don't trust us to do our own, I wouldn't either quite honestly, we live in spandex for a living, makeup and hair isn't often too high on our priority list. And after you see the finished product, you're impressed, and glad the professionals got brought in.

Even though at some points you might have a bag over your hair blowing hot air. This was part of my getting ready process. Apparently it's the latest and greatest hair drying technology for hot curl rollers here in Deutschland, well maybe it's from the 50's, that is still up for debate, I've never seen it before. But hey it worked!

Throughout the day we have a series of pictures with you and the volleyballs in various poses. These pictures are your main photo for the year and are blown up to more than life-size and placed all over the gym. Then a new addition this year, there was a photo with your own "personal item".

There were ideas from all across the board; from sunflowers, cupcakes, pancakes, real live kittens; it was fun to see what everyone came up with. I chose to do mine with my pretty pink I Pod; can't live with out that music! Always jammin!

The next photo was a 'beauty shot'. First year for this one as well, it will be interesting to see what they do with them, basically I felt like Madonna for a few hours.. haha

Team photos are mixed in the middle of all of this shennanigans and then at the very end of the day we have the infamous 'action shots'. Basically you jump around in all of the volleyball poses 8 MILLION times and wait for the photographer to get juuuust the right one. It takes....awhile. Some girls end up with mat burns all over their bodies trying to get the perfect diving picture, some girls are jumping over and over and over again spiking that imaginable ball up in the air. And then there's me, holding my 'annahme' position. Waiting 18 hours for 3 shots of passing.

Needless to say there are a LOT of laughs that come out of the day, most from deliriousness and you usually just end up being crazy at 11 o'lcok at night dancing in the gym aimlessly while waiting for your turn to the photographer's random music he plays. Great times! :)

Check out the preview... the real stuff coming at ya soon!

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