Sunday, August 25, 2013

Schönes Wochenende

I made a very important life observation today. 24 degrees Celsius (or 75.2 degrees Fahrenheit) is THE perfect temperature.
#nofilter #therealdeal
Sun, lakeside, plush green grass to lie on, a nice breeze = my happy place.

Hamburg is very well known for their rainy days, so when I open my eyes on a day like today I immediately jumped in my car after breakfast to head down to a favorite Hamburg spot.. the Außenmuhle Lake in Harburg.

I'm a sucker for water. So lakes, oceans, rivers, you name it; I feel at peace when I am near it.

This lake has it all; families, couples, young and old, lakeside cafe, paddle boats, grassy knolls, kayaks, and most importantly a beautiful view. Just the right combination of life to make it a soak up the sun, soul searching, serene Sunday.

A great way to end a solid weekend and to start a new week! I love sun. It makes me happy. Pretty simple.

Saturday was also a fulfilling day, an IKEA day! With two of my teammates, Eva and Alyssa, we made the quick trip, a little bit outside of the city 45 minutes, to the infamous IKEA to walk around in, get lost and find random trinkets to make our apartments a little more homey feeling.

What is an IKEA trip without the purchase of wine glasses and candles?

After visiting the mammoth store we worked up an appetite and went to a near by Italian store. It was in a big warehouse and was FILLED with authentic Italian goodies, wine, cheese, pesto, pasta, all the good stuff that makes my heart melt Italian style.

There is also a restaurant in the warehouse where you can order huge bowls of pasta and great giant Italian style pizza for CHEAP. It was a good move.

We left with our car full of household goodies and stomachs full of Italian awesomness.

Overall it was a top notch wochenende! On to the next! :)

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