Friday, August 23, 2013

Mary Canary, 6 years old, the last in the long line of 8 Ammerman kids. And I'm pretty sure she is the combination of everyone's best personalities in one little human being; she's awesome.

Just to give you a little insight on what a witty little intelligent nugget she is, this is the email I recently received from her this week.

Background: This was the first week of school. Canary is going in to 1st grade and attending real school for the first time. Like her two older sisters, Hannah and Emma, she was home schooled for her first year of kindergarten. Hannah and Emma were home schooled a few years longer than Mary, but Mary is so stinkin smart she just needs to get in the school system and shine.

All of them are attending a Catholic private school and receiving a pretty amazing education, I'm pretty sure at the age of 13 and 11 Hannah and Emma know more than I do; it's impressive.

I talked to Canary on Sunday, the day before her first big day; she was very quiet. Which is a combination of me getting my silent treatment on Skype the first few weeks of leaving for Europe, it's not fun but it is routine and although it breaks my heart I know with time she will warm up to my flat face on the computer.

But another part of the quiet spell was probably a bit of nerves and anxious feelings, diving in to something new.  I was SO happy when I received the email mid week giving me the update on real school life..

First of all:
the subject: Howdy Partner
I mean it doesn't get cuter than that. Well it does, just keep reading...

 I saw your video.  YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL
We have 5 deer in our front yard!!!!!
do you like your number 8, and do you have a team name .
Do you play volleyball a lot?
here are my friends names at school .
what I like  about school is I have friends.
When your frightened they come and join you in
all my love

I don't even have words. She melts my heart. 'When your frightened they come and join you'. If that doesn't sum up a friendship then I don't know what does. At 6 years old she already has a whole heck of a lot figured out.

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