Thursday, December 4, 2014


Question of the day: What do you do when you have a hotel room looking like a typhoon just ran through it, on your hands?

You go to lunch, pedicures, meet with friends, work out...and then when there's nothing else left, you blog.

At least that is what I do when I have to pack. My nemesis; packing.

I feel like I just walked in to this hotel room I was to call my home for 3 months and now it's time to pack it all up and go home home. It went by in the blink of an eye, and somewhere during that blink typhoon wreckage was created. Quite fitting as Typhoon Ruby is heading our way as we speak.

So while I avoid the typhoon in my hotel room, let me tell you about the awesome people in my life, because right now there are quite a few.

A group of us have been planning Thanksgiving for awhile. It started out as the traditional #Thanksgiving, then we officially named it #Friendsgiving and then it morphed to #FriendsgivingwithJasonMraz. We had big plans, big.

We had pumpkin pie ingredients, cranberry and fireball being brought from the states to make it as American as possible, and it just so happened Jason Mraz was in concert the night before our set date for the feast.

It was perfect. Jason needed an American Thanksgivng meal and we needed tickets to his show. How could this not be the best Thanksgiving ever? So we set off on our social media ways and commented and hashtagged every post trying to make #friendsgivingwithjasonmraz a reality.

Shocking I know, but he never responded. Tragic really, I mean come on Jason, you lost a few points in my book on this one.

So we were back to just #friendsgiving. Then the week came and it coincided with the last week of the PSL. Last league games, semi finals, finals. There was a lot.

Suddenly we went from the most epic Thanksgiving ever to nothing. Talk about build up.

Thanksgiving week came and went with a lot of excitment to keep our minds off the fact that our stomachs weren't being stuffed to their maximum capacity and beyond like our other fellow Americans:
-we finished the league 4th
Pocket size not looking so pleased I'm trying to put her in my pocket

-Petron was crowned champion
-our very own Lindsay Stalzer Stunner recieved best Outside Hitter for the league

-Erica Adachi was named #PSLphaseoff Champion, taking victory over Kristy Jaeckel Jkill's butt

-Import send off dinner; complete with karaoke (B. Wise stealing the show), thanksgiving food and good company
We love our new jackets! Taking the Philippines with us back home and always in our hearts! <3

-We had many team bonding experiences to wrap up the season and make us wish we were staying with this group of Awesome Cignal people longer
Speech speech speech. Words aren't enough to express our gratitude, but we tried

Hanging with some Champions..congrats Cignal Men's team! 

And in the midst of all of this Filipino fun, we managed to squeeze in a FRIENDSGIVING!

It was set up Top Chef style. Each team representing, was responsible for a dish.

RC Cola: Mac n Cheese and Stuffing
"Butter can burn, milk can burn" mac n cheese was officially dawned the most difficult dish to make for Friendsgiving

Cignal: Sweet Potato Pie and Pumpkin Pie
Teamwork makes the dream work

Sweet potatoes look a little different here on the outside and on the inside, but oh they don't taste any different! #favoritedish #notbiased

Mane n Tail: Mashed Potatoes and Green Bean Casserole
Everyone hard at work (fireball spotting)
Filipinos: Drinks, chicken (turkey substitute) and the mashing of the Potatoes
What is the result of a swimming go pro in sangria? Really awesome smiles
Showing us their creation..and then.. 

Mashed potatoes on the floor! 

That's love.

We showed up to our gracious host's Charo's humble abode at noon and within 4 hours and a lot of kitchen madness that did not involve burning the house down, we managed to cook every dish and be eating by 4 pm. It was a fantastic day.
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..well it has been for awhile since OctoBER, but now it is DecemBER! Almost there!
After stuffing ourselves silly and marveling at how many leftovers there were, we made enough food to feed a village I'm pretty sure; very American of us, we had a very special movie showing.

Bonita Wise is one talented human ladies and gentleman. She has spent the last few weeks since our Puerto Galera trip, gathering music, photos, videos, notes and combining them to make a...wait for it... yes, a ONE HOUR long video complete with Character Casting and Trailer. And every single second rocked. Pure talent.

This is a link to her trailer to our movie, check it out! Puerto Galera Trailer 2014

Wow. What a week that was!

And you thought I was having fun now, wait until you see what is to come next. I'll give you a hint, 2 words... island. hopping.

Go home typhoon Ruby, no one wants you here. According to weather reports the typhoon is scheduled to hit in the next couple of days but we will find ways to rearrange our trip if need be. Let's be honest we're on the land of 7,000 islands; Ruby surely can't hit all 7,000. Mother Nature isn't that mean.

Stay tuned for more of this beautiful country to be revealed... in the mean time I'm back to tackle the typhoon that hit Manila, and is in and around my feet as I type now.

Wish me luck..


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  3. Thanks, Sarah for letting us in. I was oooing and awwing as I was reading your blog. Not to mention I can't get this silly grin off my face. Doing things together makes things more meaningful and fun. There's so much love in this group because it's not hard to love you guys. Here's hoping that the typhoon would leave to let you enjoy the rest of your stay. Mabuhay ka!

  4. Go away Ruby!!!! Love reading your blog Sarah.

  5. You wanna know why you are incredibly loved by Filipinos? Because you guys know how to share your heart and yourselves to us. You've been so generous in so many ways and in a lot of levels. Mabuhay ka!