Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tis the season to be...Merry? or... Scary?

Happy Halloween weekend! I think...

Christmas music has been playing in the malls since September and the decorations have overtaken the front store windows with lights being sold road side all over the city. Christmas spirit, you think you've got it? Don't try and to match it with the Filipino culture, they're on another level.

I have learned that the Filipino people have very happy and positive attitudes. And the emotions that surround the holiday of Christmas are just that, happy, light, fun. Therefore, put two and two together and you get Christmas on steroids. I am excited to see the spirit build and build as the actual Holiday draws closer.

But first, Halloween.

This will be the first year in I don't know how many years I will not be carving a pumpkin. It's a tradition I am going to miss dearly, so I am coping by painting my nails festive jack-o-lantern colors.

And dressing up with my fellow American and surprising our team at practice with candy. Bringing the trick or treating to them!
A Butterfly and a Bee paid a visit to Team Awesome Cignal today
And we made a new friend! ADORABLE! <3

I will continue my coping of not carving a pumpkin by taking a Halloween weekend trip to Puerto Galera! I think that looks pretty halloween-y to me! Suddenly my pumpkin carving depression has diminished! #lifeismorefuninthephilippines

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  1. Hi! am an avid volleyball fan and really excites me when foreigners play in the #PHSuperliga. I was really impressed how foreigners was able to influence their team mates for their love in volleyball. I was able to witness your prowess in your chosen field when you visit Ilocos last week especially Kristy gosh she is a baller! Fililipino values and cultural traditions are truly different from foreigners and as the day goes by i hope you can embrace the ingenuity of the Filipino. Enjoy your stay!