Monday, October 20, 2014

Top 5 Moments in Philippine SuperLiga Opening Week

Opening week has come and gone with much success! It was a very busy week with press conferences, practices and the season launch party. Here are the highlights!
We were the first match to open up Superliga! It was great to get on the court and compete together after all of the build up of the festivities!
We <3 our Awesome Cignal teammates!

You could say Lindsay and I are taller than the average case you doubt that statement, here are a few pictures that capture it..
We call this one: 'Amazons high-five'

Me giving our pocket sized libero the chance to feel tall, how kind am I? :)
I enjoyed it too apparently!

"I got it I got it"
"Excuse me, nope"
haha sorry Royce!
During opening ceremonies they highlighted the imports, of course we got the chance to get creative and dress to show which team we belonged on..these are my favorite:
Bo and Emily from RC Cola Air Force
(their selfie sticks were a crowd favorite)

Alaina and Erica from Petron racing to success

Kristy and Kaylee from Mane n Tail, rocking it oh so creatively.

Once they introduced us in the stadium, we came out of the crowd and ran down to the court. They encouraged us to dance and have fun.

During walk throughs when Lindsay and I were discussing what we should do, she asked me if she should back flip.
Wait, what? You can BACK FLIP? Land. And not kill yourself?

I've known this girl for 5 years and had no idea, I was shocked. And you could only imagine the reaction from the crowd. She stole the show, hands down.

And is now giving instructional lessons to all who are interested, you can pay her in dance lessons or however else you may see fit.

In the middle of the week we had our season launch party. During the party there was a raffle; all of the players from 6 girls teams and 4 mens teams' names were thrown in to a box and prizes were given out. There were several minor prizes handed out, but the big suspense was the grand prize: a free trip to none other than Boracay.

For those of you who don't know what this place is, let me take a moment to prep you. I'll start with this image:
White sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water...yea it's real.

It's an island only 4.5 miles long!! And is topping the lists of best beaches in the entire world. No big deal.

It's basically the definition of paradise. And lucky lucky LUCKY me, won a free 2 night, 3 day trip to Paradise for free with one other person! (feel free to start sending in your resumes and bios detailing why you would be the best choice;)) I'm thinking December ish fits my calendar quite nicely!

It takes the cake for being number 1, I've got Boracay on the mind.. all the time!

Awesome week 1..can't wait for more SuperLiga memories!


  1. Wow, i hope you enjoyed philippines like how you enjoyed playing volleyball....,i am rooting for cignal to take the top spot.

  2. I bet i ca fit into your luggage. #Boracay

  3. ILOVEYOURBLOG!!! You're a great athlete and a beautiful person inside and out! Keep it up!!! May GOD bless you even more... Cheers!!! :)

  4. The way you entered the words in your blog makes me see how happy a person you are, who is so positive in even the smallest simple thing. Boracay is really a paradise, and it's just one of the many best beaches here in the Philippines.

    And oh thank you for putting one of my shot in your cute blog. Keep lovin' our archipelago ;)

  5. Welcome to the Philippines, Sarah! Mabuhay! :)

  6. lovin' the positive vibe you guys are sending out. enjoy! :)