Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Working" in Italia

If you know me, you know that I love to laugh. And it is not difficult to make me do. I think just about everything is funny. I've been told multiple times by my friends that they love to be my friend because I make them feel funny. I don't have control over it, I just like to laugh.

But laughing to the point of tears, this is quite rare. I laugh loud, a lot and often but with tears running down my face; you should consider this a huge accomplishment. This took place this past week on tour with Club Fusion. Twice. In the span of two days. 

One was the most perfect jump bump in the form of a cheerleader high kick, and the other was a selfie video filmed through large 1000 euro rolls of Parmesan cheeeeeeeese. Both had me losing all control, my tear ducts included. 

These events were the mere highlights of 7 days with this group. I can't even call my "work" as a tour guide, work. I get to travel around Europe, sightsee the big tourist cities then take on small villages like Carpeneti; one of the most breath taking mountain towns tucked away in the Italian mountains near Reggio Emelia, and hang out with some genuine fun loving Americans. 

I loved watching the energy of these girls as they tore through Europe, most of them for the first time. They gave Americans a very good and entertaining name as there was never a dull moment with this group. 

Between spontaneous dance parties, endless joking, putting food on each other's shoulders while everyone around buckles in laughter, taking some pretty legendary selfies, Ellen Degeneres style, and competing with the American spirit I so know, love and crave, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

So many times throughout the week I felt like I was looking in the mirror from my 18's club year. A great group of girls, fighting with so much pure passion to play to the potential they have not even touched or can fathom yet, and on a mission to win a National Championship. 

I won 18 Open at AAU's my senior year and the advice I leave you girls with is this: embrace each other and the journey and let the result take care of itself. 

Volleyball is such a great sport because it teaches us more about life than we bargain for. While we are busy pursuing success, volleyball is slowly shaping us in to great human beings and companions. Which I saw this week in 18 Black. Their competitive spirit was very inspiring on the court but more importantly they were connecting in ways the stat sheet doesn't record. These are the moments to treasure. 

To be honest, I forget that I won AAU's. When I think back on my club career that is not what comes to mind; it's the memories I made with the girls and how the fight and struggles on the court brought our team to a bigger accomplishment to shaping us individually in our lives. 

Keep being you, because what you are is awesome and obviously the rest of Italy agrees as they all gravitated to you effortlessly this last week each place you went. 

You all rock, thank you for a great tour and best of luck! 
See you in Florida! 

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