Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The. Olympics.

Olympians have waited and worked tirelessly their entire lives for these 2 weeks of glory.

For which I will gladly and unapologetically be the most anti social person, cancel on engagements and park myself on the couch for these 2 weeks; with olympic sized goosebumps and emotion welling in my heart.

I love the Olympics and absolutely everything about them. The inspiration that comes hand in hand with the games are endless. From the sheer athleticism, to the raw emotion, to the camaraderie created between countries and strangers; it's a beautiful thing watching athletes who have dedicated their lives, made sacrifices not even the common athlete can wrap their head around.

Passion is unleashed after countless hours of practice and training, of the same monotonous moves over and over, on the biggest stage in the world.

And then the feeling of completing their routine/race and how we can see that there was absolutely nothing left they could have given.

I love watching this emotion unfold. It's not planned or premeditated; it is years of hard work kept in check through discipline and sacrifice, that can finally be unleashed, crowned with a medal and showered with tears of joy.

There is not much like it, and it is by far my favorite reality tv show to watch.

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