Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Week of Euro Sports

This week we got the chance to experience not just a different sport than we're used to, volleyball, but for me as an American, sports that don't have any real popularity back home.

Sunday was the women's Handball game. I have been to a few of these games in my time in Europe but not very many, and it was Alyssa's first experience. A fast paced game and really fun to watch as the girls throw their bodies at each other and on the floor as they throw and catch the ball. We decided it's a lot like soccer with your hands and a lacrosse type sport.

We had a lot of fun and now are looking forward to going to see the men's team here in Hamburg. We met a few of them at the next Euro sport we took on this week, at the Curling event.

The German Olympic Curling team hosted a tournament for all the different sports in Hamburg, there was us, hockey, handball, soccer to name a few; and we all learned the strategies and techniques of Curling and then played a tournament against one another.

We came in SECOND! It was an absolute blast. I have always just randomly seen Curling when the Olympics are on in passing, but have never paid any real attention to it and always thought it was boring but that was because I never understood it.

Now with the Olympics coming up in the next couple of weeks I will be an avid watcher of the Curling games and obviously cheering on our new German friends on the team :)

After the tournament was over we weren't ready to get off the ice yet and started messing around. We tried spinning (failing miserably after watching the professionals do it with ease). Then decided to add a little volleyball flare to the game with our dives haha

And for all of you who have never tried this sport, I 100 percent recommend it. It's great for all ages, both genders can play against each other evenly and is SO much fun! I hope I have more chances to play and shoot maybe it will be my next sport that will take me to the Olympics ;)

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  1. When Dad and I fell in love at the Arctic Winter Games in Yellowknife Canada in 84 they had curling there and that was the first time I had ever heard of it! Such a great sport. Sebastian plays it all the time on his computer:)